Who we are

We have been industry integrator since 2006. During that time, we have transformed from a small family business into a company whose stability is evidenced not only by its growth, but mainly by many satisfied Czech and foreign customers. At the same time, we approach each client individually and their satisfaction is crucial for us.

The alpha and omega of our work is industrial automation, process control, robotics and complex development of single-purpose machines.The current focus is the implementation of Industry 4.0 principles, such as digitization of production, data visualization etc.

Our team of professionals applies the many years of experience they have gained through training and hard work to provide you with a unique product to suit your specific needs.We work on a ‘turnkey’ principle, delivered to you by our expert team of specialists according to the requirements of industry development.


Our main purpose is to understand our client’s needs and to answer those needs quickly and professionally.  We offer reliable cooperation and 360 degree service to our clients who require comprehensive services in terms of design and the execution of work. As for implementation, we provide a complete service and the supplies from electrical installation to the implementation of control and visualization systems. All our solutions meet the most demanding legislative and production standards in the automotive and general industry sectors.

Measurement and control
Energy monitoring
Material conveying
Central management
Power supply systems


If you have not yet found a single-purpose machine that would solve your needs, do not despair! Thanks to our experience, original approach and modern technologies, we can automate almost anything. We will not balk at any requirement; on the contrary, any is a new challenge for us!
Let our technicians map out your requirements and our developers will take care of the rest.

We have a strong background covering all needs for the development and construction of equipment that must meet the most stringent requirements for safety, quality and reliability.

Robotic workplaces
Single-purpose machines
Vision systems and bin picking
Assembly lines


For our comprehensive solutions, we have everything constantly under control, which allows us to respond rapidly to unexpected situations and deal with them quickly and efficiently, even whilst the system is in operation.

Our services do not stop with the successful implementation and handover of our solution. We also provide a high level of after sales care. We, as a professional company, take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously and for this reason we offer a wide range of after sales services including a 24/7 service line.

Hotline 24/7
Service team
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Company’s headquarters

Technological units

+420 469 620 639

Center for automation technological processes and the company’s headquarters

ELTEP s.r.o.
Nerudova 1034

Chrudim IV, 537 01

E-mail: info@eltep.cz
IČ: 275 07 301

DIČ: CZ 27 50 73 01


Single-purpose machines

+420 469 622 362

Center for automation and technological processes and the company’s headquarters

ELTEP s.r.o.
Píšťovy 826

Chrudim IV, 537 01