• We strive to achieve the required quality of our products and services through our external providers and customers, which we consider to be equal partners. In order to increase customer satisfaction, we strive to meet all the requirements of our current and future partners.

  • Maintaining and developing mutually beneficial partnerships is based on commitment, mutual trust and communication.
  • We support communication within our company as well as with the public or administrative authorities.
  • Our goal is to build long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • We deliver the ordered products and services in the agreed time and quality according to the customer’s request
  • Our tenders are always transparent.


  • All our products that we deliver meet all requirements in terms of quality, deadlines, delivery dates and costs. Furthermore, we minimalize the environmental impact of our production.

  • We evaluate and review our integrated management system. Measurable goals, competencies and resources are set for this purpose. We consistently implement, maintain and improve the system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard throughout our organization.
  • We try to preventively reduce the overall negative impacts of production on health, people’s lives, the environment and property.
  • By actively supporting the introduction of new technologies, we are efficiently delivering future benefits to our customers and our organization.


  • By creating appropriate working conditions that meet health and safety requirements at work, we enable our employees to carry out anticipated and expected performance that strengthens their responsibility for the work done.

  • We support and expand the professional competence of our employees with regard to the future needs of the company and in accordance with changing legislation.
  • When dealing with local authorities and state institutions, the public, customers and external providers, we make sure that we succeed flawlessly in all directions.
  • We increase employees’ knowledge of the quality of system management.
  • By supporting the development of employees’ skills, we achieve a high level of work quality.


  • By the targeted motivation of people for continuous improvement, we are aware of the direct relationship between employee and customer satisfaction, which increases with this process.

  • By setting out the specific responsibilities of employees at all levels of management in the fulfilment of individual tasks, especially of the management of the organization.
  • The established management system complies with new, generally binding legal regulations and standards in the field of quality, environment, prevention of serious accidents and protection of information systems.
  • In all activities, the principles of the process approach are strengthened with a focus on prevention, which in combination with management and teamwork at all levels is the basis for improving the management system, including quality management.


  • We undertake to cooperate cooperatively with state authorities, organizations and local government bodies operating within the scope of the organization.

  • Participate in the sponsorship of public benefit activities within the scope.
  • Reduce the risk of damage to the environment.

The management of the company undertakes

  • adhere to the above principles,

  • meet the requirements of laws and regulations,
  • ensure continuous improvement.